Popping in to say HEY: I have all but abandoned FR. I’ve made great friends and had fun, but it’s lost pretty much all its charm for me, and I can’t motivate myself to even feed my dragons most days. 

If you want to keep up with me elsewhere, I’m back on my main blog, or you can ask for my Skype or AIM. 

Renaissance festival!




  • Midnight/Royal/Obsidian - 15k
  • Midnight/Sky/Obsidian - 15k
  • Splash/Sky/Sky - 50k
  • Blue/Sky/Sky - 50k
  • Lavender/Sky/Sky - 50k
  • Shadow/Sky/Sky - 50k

They start on page 3 and continue onto page 4. Willing to haggle, hold, take gems (1:350), and do payment plans. 

hey i would love that shadow/sky/sky but my lair is a bit full right now can we work something out?

Sure thing! I can hold him til you’ve got space c: Just send me a CR when you’re able!



can someone, please, with small words try to explain scatter scrolls to me cause they are a mystery

I wrote a haiku

this tert is awful.
maybe I’ll get a triple
oh no this is worse

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PSA: if anybody has friends that are looking to join in the future… make sure they register with their actual full names. Initials and nicknames are against the TOS.

Friend of mine had his account locked (not his fault) and when he went to dispute it and prove his identity, the response was…

Signal boosting this! I put down my chosen name rather than my legal name (which is some bull shit btw, FR), but I’d rather not wind up screwed over.

Does anyone know the user WildPariah?


I sent them a dragon pair to breed in their ice nest and their nest was supposed to hatch yesterday but it doesn’t look like they’ve been active recently. I really don’t want my dragons to be sitting around in a dead account. :/



Which breed (and gender) do you think needs more accents/skins?


FEMALE TUNDRAS GOOD LORD. I think when someone did that accent/skin census, they had either the absolute least or close to it.


First Generation Mirror Female - Sunshine/Aqua/Splash 100kt


Flight Rising’s starting to swiftly lose it’s appeal to me

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I definitely feel this - I think the only thing that’s propelled me through it is my complete lack of interest in grabbing any of the new stuff and the friends I’ve made here. But the long wait for promised new things and the lack of fixes to long-standing problems is really, really deterring. FR needs to get on the ball with this stuff before half their userbase leaves out of frustration.


Naturalist’s Adornments are made by Nature dragons to be placed on the statues of those that have been exalted.

When a Nature dragon is born, the sapling at the top of the egg— which fed the embryo— is planted near the Behemoth, where it may receive the Gladekeeper’s nourishment. These trees are not to be harmed under any circumstances, as they represent all of Gladekeeper’s children. When a Nature dragon is exalted, the tree is cut down so specific and important parts may serve in the making of the Naturalist’s Adornments, with the rest being put to use by the dragon’s clan.

The tree’s roots are used to make horns, in the likeness of the Gladekeeper’s own, and are placed atop the dragon’s head, regardless of breed. They represent strength and power. As such, proven fighters and clan leaders may have longer and thicker horns.

Coupled with the horns is a tree-trunk charm, fastened to the neck by the tree’s vines and adorned with the tree’s flowers. The charm can only come from the dragon’s tree since its rings measure the dragon’s age. Ancient dragons can end up having huge tree-trunk charms, and the charm has to be propped up in front of the statues, with the vines and flowers made into a necklace around the dragon’s neck.

The Naturalist’s Adornments are not only used for measuring a dragon’s worth or esteem, though. Many young dragons who struggle with their identity or face clan trials may take a respected elder’s Adornments for a period of time. They are used to remind them of their roots, the pride of their Flight and the responsibility and loyalty every dragon has to their clan, their family and to the Gladekeeper.

Since the Naturalist’s Adornments are so important and irreplaceable, young dragons may face a great amount of pressure to keep them safe. Because of this, younger dragons may only want to wear the Naturalist’s Adornments for special occasions, such as rites of passage, the Greenskeeper Gathering, or weddings. The older and more trustworthy a dragon becomes, the longer they may wear the Adornments, even up to a point where they may wear them to battle, so they may channel their ancestor’s strength and bravery.

In addition to the Naturalist’s Adornments, a Marigold Lei may be found on the dragon statues. They are usually placed there by clanmates who wish to thank the exalted dragon, for both their service and the Treasure they leave the clan once they leave to serve their deity. Dragons who are too young or don’t know how to make a Marigold Lei often times leave petals scattered all around the statues. Forest Green Wraps may also be used on newer statues, as a reminder to those left behind that the dragon is now directly under the Gladekeeper’s protection.